Thursday, January 20, 2011

I am a legacy.

My Grandma died on January 11th. I have too many memories to recount here today about her. I shared lots of them with my family this weekend as we celebrated her life and what she meant to us.

She was feisty, she was graceful, and she loved to accessorize. She served alongside my Grandpa in ministry for many years. She taught my dad how to cook (something I thank her for whenever I get the chance to eat at my parents house).

As I spend time reflecting on her life, and try to remember that she won't get the emails I sit down to write her, I realize that I am her legacy. She passed things on to me. I get my sharp wit from her, I get my temper from her, and I get my high cheekbones and broad shoulders from her. She is a part of me, so in a way, she is not gone. I know that she is with her Creator, and this makes me immensely happy.

My Beautiful Family by Gina Beth Clark (written in 2007)
My Beautiful Family

The oldest is in his fifties now, and still growing
In wisdom and hopefully much happiness
The younger is wise beyond reproach
And needs a softer touch in life's habits

The eldest granddaughter has become a mother
Who dwells in a land of little people with love.
Her younger sister is learning all about the world
That give mysterys beyond anyone's power

Smart as a whip and reaching for the sky
Is my third granddaughter, life is becoming interesting
My grandson is my favorite one and only.
Who carries much upon his young broad shoulders

I love this beautiful family, and pray to God
To watch over them daily, and give them a boost.
When I leave this planet. I don't want them to miss me.
But to know that they are the best of me on earth.


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EGPate said...

I am really sorry to hear about your Grandmother. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

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