Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas

I've been a lazy blogger. Go ahead and smack me.

Work has been booming, Church has been busy, life is moving faster and faster. I wish things would slow down so I could enjoy it, but then if it slowed down, there wouldn't be as much to enjoy. Ah, the catch 22 of life.

Right now, I'm taking the time to write as all the girls clean their rooms while on Christmas break. We will see how long I have to write before I have to go break up a fight or clean something really gross up that has been lurking underneath a pile of laundry..

Just to catch you up on what will be our fun holiday this year.

funny christmas Pictures, Images and Photos

This is my new favorite version of Santa.

My sister and brother in law and beautiful niece will be joining us for the Christmas weekend. I get the privilege of taking their family photos, and we will be having ham AND turkey (there is a debate in our family about which is the best holiday meat, so this year we are just doing it up big time!). We always have tons of laughs and this year will be especially fun because my niece is walking and can chase her cousins everywhere (insert evil laugh here).

We will be taking our annual pilgrimage to Branson to give half our money away on food and ozark entertainment the week after Christmas. I always look forward to this week when we can slow down and enjoy each other's company. While my threshold for being trapped in a small condo with my husband, three children, in laws and sister in law (don't get me wrong, I love them all dearly but there's only so much this recluse can take) is about 3 days, I'm looking forward to spending all five days this time. With as much as Baxter has been working, we need this time. We took a week in October to be together but I didn't get to enjoy it much because I got violently ill on the very first day (I'm talking chills, shakes, and a nyquil drip). I'm also hoping to come away from this trip less bloated than last year. I hope to pair up with my sister in law (who is an ironman athlete) and some of her willpower will rub off on me (not too much though, she eats chia seeds.ew.. I digress). I need not to have to lose 10 more lbs.

I hope everyone is enjoying life as much as me and that you all have a beautiful Christmas.

I will try to resume blogging on a regular basis (New Year's resolution perhaps?)

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