Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Remember when we decided to finally after five years beautify our house so we could sell it? I got to enjoy the finished product for maybe three weeks before we got out of there. What did we do next? We went out and bought a fixer upper. With our track record, I would have thought our house would be finished up just in time to have everybody over for Kayleigh's graduation party. How excited am I to understand now that we are starting this process now? Guess...

So I currently have a toilet in my guest bedroom. If you want to freak your neighbors out, just sit on it and open the blinds.. It'll definitely get people talking. We are starting small with our guest bathroom. It's a half bath, but boy is Bax turning into Extreme Home Makeover. We are putting ceramic tile in, repainting the walls and ceiling, replacing all the fixtures, and getting a new seat for our toilet (it's wooden. Why would you want to feel like you are sitting on a pew while you are doing your business? But I digress)...We (Baxter) have ripped out the previous flooring, we(Baxter) have removed the toilet (as previously noted), we (Baxter and I)have primed and painted the walls and just need to finish the final coats (which Baxter is doing right now as I type while laying on the couch). Then we will begin the scary task of ceramic. I don't even want to think about it yet. We have his parents coming in a week and a half so it's kind of urgent that they don't have to hang their clothes on the toilet, though I wouldn't put it past his Father to think the new fixture in the guest room a stroke of genius. We are going to get it done!
Next up, we are having our awesome contractor friends over to put in some doors for the dining room and guest room.

If you would like to donate to the crappy carpet fund, let me know. It is what I am looking most forward to doing (these carpets have ten years of pets. What I'm sayin' is, help a sister out.)

*Side Note, there were better images to go along with this post. I just thought this was so disturbing and hilarious that I would share it with the world.

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Malorie Martinez said...

ooo fun a fixer upper! Eventually Ryan and I want to buy an old farm house and fix it up.. Luckily my dad has been in construction for 20+ years!

Malorie Martinez said...

oh gross lol i just realize your "avid golfer" is on the toilet... lol weird

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