Sunday, August 16, 2009

10 Travel Tips

Here are 10 things I learned on my first cruise (and trip to Mexico).

(1). Cruise lines fool people into thinking they can get you on the ship quickly. It's called "Embarkation". However, what really happens is that you wait in a series of long hallways (all painted to look like the entrance to the ship). Every corner producing a multitude of "awww man" from everyone you're going to be bunking with for the next week.

(2). If you have babies/strollers/luggage.. etc. with wheels, kindly watch where you are rolling them when the lines move, or do not move.

(3). Once on the ship, everyone is happy and excited and there's a multitude of drunk people within the first two hours. The multitude of drunk people only increases throughout the week, making for very funny entertainment for the sober people.

(4). If someone is giving a lecture on how to form lines,or put on life vests, in the event of a tidal wave, or pirate hijacking, and they blow the whistle that is attached to the lifejackets you are all wearing, expect about 10 minutes of whistle blowing from previously mentioned misbehaving drunk people.

(5). Food is good on a ship. Very good, and you can have dessert at every meal.

(6) By the second day of the cruise, you can tell who is wearing sunscreen and who isn't. The formal night dinner served lobsters in more way than one.

(7). You quickly learn who would win in survival of the fittest. When your navigation skills are lacking, everyone knows it. Those are some small hallways to try and make a u turn in.

(8). Doing the "King of the world" on the front of the ship is actually dorky. But more people do it than you would think. (Sorry Baxter)

(9). When getting off the ship at any port, prepare to take a photo with someone dressed up in native dress, holding a plastic knife to your throat. Makes for good keepsakes.

(10). The ocean is big. Okay, kidding. Don't look too closely for whales in the Gulf of Mexico...It'll be very disappointing for you. Oh, here's another ocean one. While snorkeling, do not attempt to look behind your feet.

We had a fabulous time. Verrry relaxing and refreshing.

How's your summer been?

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