Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pointless post

Some of the things that occupy my days.

1. Verizon on Demand-the girls are watching on demand during their free time in the mornings. The younger two prefer the enchanting melodies of the show "High Five". I'm not sure that I had ever heard of this show before we moved here, but I've gotten my fair share of the 6 episodes that are stuck in our on demand box this month. I've had many of the songs (that I dislike) stuck in my head and I also spend my time singing them against my will. Kayleigh prefers to watch anything on Disney. At some point we'll have a discussion on healthy expectations for body image and success. Disney doesn't always put out the most positive role models in this respect. I've been injoying the "I Survived", and "Intervention" on demand episodes. Not to mention the plethora of Golden Girls episodes sitting like a buffet on our t.v. lineup.

2. Working Out-I've had to rev it up a couple notches this past week and a half. Summer has kicked my butt so far. Between moving, staying with my parents, and just life making me feel a bit overwhelmed, I've let my fitness regimen slack. But I'm happy to say I'm back on track. 1 month without it nearly made me go crazy.

3. Laundry-I don't understand it. It seems since we have moved in, we're going through more laundry than ever. I think this is due largely in part to Ella's newfound love of fashion. She changes clothes after breakfast (sometimes layering many outfits), then during her nap she sneaks into her drawers and puts together 2 or three outfits and puts them all on. Of course before bed there's the fashion show she likes to put on for us with several different selections of pajamas. I do my very best to undress her down to one layer and keep her in the same outfit all day but she is two things... (1) sneaky, (2). persistent. She's difinitely my match.

4. Cleaning- of course there's cleaning (and I'll just go ahead and include unpacking). This house is huge and I have to do better about getting the girls to help. Big house, big mess.

5. Planning my total and complete relaxation on my cruise. I can close my eyes and feel the ocean breeze. 11 days. I'm so excited. No hurricanes, No Swine Flu, just let me go.

6. Ella's birthday next Monday. Gotta plan something special.

7. Planning Collide ( high school vbs). Upcoming post about that as well. It should be a good time.

I hope your summer is going well, and hope your days are as blessed as mine.


aunt kiki said...

well, a little fashionista, eh? I love it! she's got a head start on trying on 5 outfits before school like someone else I know!

EGPate said...

How exciting! Your pictures look amazing and I hope we get to see you guys soon :)

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